“Sadie and the Grove: The Grove of Feelings (2)” by Donia Youssef - Hardcover

“Sadie and the Grove: The Grove of Feelings (2)” by Donia Youssef

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Sadie and the Grove Book Two

Charlie is the middle child in his family, and he is feeling upset and ignored, so he goes to see his friend Willow, hoping that her family will adopt him. Fortunately, Sadie the magical dog has a better idea, and he takes the two children to the Grove of Feelings. There they encounter a troll who is also feeling angry, but together they come up with a way to cope with how they feel.

Sadie and the Grove is a beautifully illustrated book and compelling story that will help children when they are feeling upset or angry. Charlie learns that feelings will come and go, but Charlie will always be himself.

A picture book for young readers, this is a story that has themes of building good mental health, friendship and resilience.

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