“The Monster in Mummy - 3rd Edition” by Donia Youssef - eBook

“The Monster in Mummy - 3rd Edition” by Donia Youssef

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The Monster in Mummy (3rd Edition): Demystify Cancer for Children

Do you have monsters you’re scared to face?

I have a monster in me, and believe me, he is not pleasant, but I have an even bigger fear to face... explaining the monster to my kids.

Monster in Mummy is a stunning new picture book designed to help parents effectively communicate a cancer diagnosis to their young children.

This book provides comfort and coping strategies to families when they are struggling to break the news and supports families when a loved one dies.

Much love and hope has been poured into this book to help young children deal with illness, loss and provide hope that someday we will all meet again.

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