“How Nova Got The Star in Her Eye” by Eve Horne & Lucy Telfer - Paperback

“How Nova Got The Star in Her Eye” by Eve Horne & Lucy Telfer

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Eve and Lucy were born and raised in London, UK where they met 8 years ago and now reside with their daughter Nova.

Lucy has always been passionate about books. She has been a librarian most of her life and now manages a library that supports parents wellbeing and children's literacy.

Eve is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer and founder of PEAKMusicUK and We Are The Unheard Campaign.

They wanted to share their story to support parents and help educate and raise awareness for interracial, same sex parents.

The book is an informative but fun story of how two same sex parents have a baby.

Lucy and Eve are passionate about reading, normalising diversity and believe that this book can help educate ALL families and help young children embrace diversity.

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