So this is me on Saturday age 41yrs on the catwalk at the Millennium Hotel, Kensington in aid of @breastcancerhaven . Walking for @nicolajaneuk and WindsorLondon. I was so honoured to walk for this brilliant cause, and no, of course, I didn’t have a few Prosecco’s beforehand!! 😂😉. But you know what? More than anything I was PROUD. So proud. And GRATEFUL. Proud that I was given the opportunity and grateful for the opportunity. Not just the opportunity to walk the catwalk. Not just the opportunity to support this amazing cause and some great brands. But so grateful to have been given the opportunity of another chance at LIFE. Grateful for the opportunity to show that two pregnancies later, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, a double mastectomy, hysterectomy and on going reconstruction later, I am given the opportunity to get up on a stage in basically my underwear (actually a lovely bikini from @nicolajaneuk ) and flaunt my clever, treatment battered body and be PROUD!! Proud that no matter how much has been cut off it, or cut out of it, or how many toxic treatments it was poisoned with in the name of saving my life, my body continues to serve me well.....AND it grew and produced two incredible children!! We really need to stop berating our bodies peeps. Stop scowling at what the mirror shows us. Our bodies are miracles and need celebrating in all their shapes and sizes!! So, while I don’t expect you all to get half naked and sashay down a catwalk in a posh part of London (although if you do get the chance I recommend it!!), next time you’re scowling in front of the mirror, stop, smile, send up some thanks for this amazing machine you’re staring at....and maybe even give that bum a little wiggle!!😂