Life is for Living!

This is so true! My mother used to always say to me “Donia you can get hit by a bus waiting to die from cancer so just enjoy each day and don’t look too far ahead”!with those words in mind I realised none of our days are guaranteed, and I don’t want to fear death anymore so I am going to do everything I have ever dreamed of doing, so during the midst of my treatment days, I built a loft extension, bought 2 properties, wrote and published a book, set up a publishing house for people affected by cancer, took part in a sponsored charity walk 6weeks after my double mastectomy, flew to the Maldives, Cuba, Iceland and Vegas and donated money from proceeds of my book series to various cancer charities ooooooh and for a bit of a giggle I filmed for channel 4’s come dine with me!Also currently in production is a British full cast feature film based on my first book which is very exciting, so it just proves that actually even though active treatment isn’t pleasant, I have accomplished more since diagnosis than I have previous so I can actually thank cancer for putting me on this track!🙏🏽💪🏽😄