Causes of cancer

Don’t you ever look back and think how on earth did I manage that! This was 2yrs ago just before my cancer diagnosis. Sadly 2houses we bought fell through and just before we were supposed to exchange our other house fell through! I remember just bursting into tears to the Estate agent saying the stress was getting too much. I had a toddler and a 4year old in a wheelchair with a broken leg plus working full time on top too and a house surrounded with boxes!The first 2years with my youngest, I never had a full nights sleep
as she used to wake every 2-3hours in the night and I just was exhausted.Shortly after this I got diagnosed with cancer so makes me think that now I have slowed down compared to previous, could the stress combined with the two
Pregnancies accelerated the cancer cell growth 🤔Who knows hey!all I do know is stress is not good for the body, so I try and do everything possible these days to keep as calm and at peace as possible. Anything which doesn’t serve me I let go and this certainly works for me 🙏🏽❤️💪🏽😇

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