I wanted to share with you today the face of extremely proud parents. Imelda’s father’s dream has always been for his daughter to publish her own book and here is the WWII veteran and retired doctor at 95years old with a face of happiness.
I am heading over to Imelda’s to get the last few remaining books signed and YES they have all nearly SOLD out which is just an amazing success so far! If anyone wishes to order one of the last remaining
copies of the very first printed copies before we go back to print again, please kindly place an order via the website and one will be sent out to you today: www.themonster-series.com 
We will continue to support the cancer charities of Imeldas choice, so once again from the bottom
of our hearts THANK YOU! The book series will not stop growing until a cure is found, so the more
awareness and support we can give back&raise these funds, the better world we hopefully will
be able to live in 🙏🏽❤️Have a beautiful day all 🙏🏽