Well the day has arrived and the 2nd book of the Monster series “Facing the Monster” is now officially published, so I would love to congratulate firstly Imelda on now becoming an official published author for the very time and all the team behind this at my publishing company Tiny Angel Press Ltd on making this happen. 
This is what life is about helping others achieve their dreams. Seeing Imelda’s face holding her book for the 1st time was just the best feeling in the world ❤️ All pre-orders will be sent out in the next few days and Imelda as you can see is personally signing the books. For all new orders please do kindly order via the website and this isn’t an ordinary standard book this is the deluxe photographic coffee table book which just looks super stunning. Proceeds from the book will be donated once again to various cancer charities. Thank you once again for all your continued support ❤️