1 in 2 people now in the UK will he diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime

Breaks my heart to read 1 in 2 people now in the Uk will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 4 will die from the disease. What is going on in this world????!!!!!! This week alone I have had people in touch with more family cancer diagnosis’s, it’s just getting ridiculous!The scary thing is people automatically think when you are diagnosed with cancer you are really poorly but you are not always, as I felt fine! I had my cancer growing for a good 2years and never had a clue! The b*stard grew so big it was the size of a tennis ball and broke out of the breast tissue and travelled to my armpit, like how on earth I couldn’t feel any of that going on but you can’t it’s really weird! I guess it’s like when you go for your first pregnancy scan and you see the baby fully formed kicking away and you can’t believe all of that is going on, as you can’t feel anything so I guess it’s semi relatable!

I wasn’t going to bother going to the GP when I felt my lump as I didn’t think it was anything to worry about but if I had of left it my tumours would have spread and I certainly would not be here today to tell my story. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE always check people and that includes men too!🙏🏽I will forever remain in hope that a cure will be found soon ❤️