The Monster in Mykie

As a cancer survivors I wanted to help Mothers like myself and also children who survive cancer and give them a voice. 
After publishing my first book, I become aware that words have power and communication is the most powerful tool to help other cancer survivors who, like myself, are left on their own, once treatment ends. My dream is to help children who had cancer and are going through a considerable amount of uncertainty and challenges.

Moving forward there are good days, and some days were not so great, surviving cancer is a massive roller coaster, but an adult could understand it more than a child. This book helps children and their family who are struggling at times with this horrendous disease.

What could be more painful for a mother than witnessing her child being strapped down with chemo, with the infusions, with the tubes coming in and out of a child’s body, with the horrendous feelings, the sickness, being rushed in and out of the hospitals? Mykie’s mother, Tammie, is sharing her own experience and her limitless love for her little boy turns her into the most remarkable woman.
There is no discrimination with cancer, and I wrote a book on a child’s perspective, a child cancer survivor who had gone through the cancer because otherwise we’ll never know how this little child felt. 
The Monster in Mykie, is the story of this little boy, he’s just become a little cancer survivor, just finished his chemo, and he’s got the most amazing little soul and spirit. I bring the focus onto the reality of what it is like to be in remission every once in a while – because, for a cancer survivor, the fight it’s not over. 
There are many follow-up appointments, taking medication for five years, it doesn’t really end, and then it affects your mind. You have to worry of it coming back, and it does affect you. Everyone thinks, you’re in remission now and that’s it, it’s over. Those thoughts which are in my mind, as an adult, must be frightening for a child. “ I have fears that it’s going to come back.” Mykie says.
A child doesn’t want to go through all of those needles and pain, and trips to the hospital – they want to play with their friends. 
With my second book of the Monster Book Series, I enrich these little children’s life, show them that life can be fantastic after we get the ‘all clear’. 
The book series is not a collection of books but a huge awareness campaign to
bring wonderful things to life and help children survive through terrible times.