New website for the exciting new MONSTER SERIES has arrived

I have had a really great productive day today - I had a meeting with the film producer and the script writer so the film is in the early developing stages which is super exciting so please do keep checking back for updates.

As this is an ever evolving story of my determination to create an awareness campaign about cancer survivors, it was important to build upon my existing brand.

The new improved site moved from the original domain to to reflect it was no longer just a book, but a growing series. The old domain remains active, ensuring any previously shared links will keep working.

We now have an online store, where all my books can be found and ordered directly signed from myself along or alternatively they are available at Waterstones and Amazon worldwide.

My blog, was growing at a steady rate since I started it in April. This now also has a dedicated page for easier navigation.

My upcoming podcast series, Story Time also needed a new home, so a new landing page has been created which will index current and future episodes, allowing website visitors to easily navigate, listen too and subscribe to the series using your favourite app. My podcasts are now connected with ITunes, making it easy to discover by millions of listeners.

Back in April, I had just become a new author. Now however, I have my own publishing house and a new awareness campaign that is gaining traction at a national level.

I have a new added Press Release feature and useful contact information for interview request.