The Empowered Women, the Strength of Our Society

The Empowered Women, the Strength of Our Society
Posted on December 13th, 2022

By Donia Youssef, Award-winning Author & film producer, owner of Monster Publishing Ltd, Thomas&Co Property Ltd, Wonder Talent Agency Ltd and

When most people think of a strong society, images of powerful men often come to mind. But what about the strength of women? Throughout history, women have been powerful forces for good in our societies, and their contributions are just as significant as those of men. This is why it’s so important that we empower women and give them the opportunities they need to thrive. When women are empowered, our whole society benefits; this is a fact that has been proven time and again throughout history. From the early days of the suffragette movement to the present-day fight for equal pay, women who have had a voice and been given a platform to make change have done incredible things for society as a whole.

However, the impact empowering women has in the business world is often overlooked. When more women are in leadership positions, businesses perform better. Studies have shown that companies with more female leaders bring in more revenue and experience less gender discrimination in the workplace. When it comes to making decisions, studies have found that female leaders are better at considering others’ perspectives and taking everyone into account.

So, what does this mean for our society? It means that if we want to see real change – a change that benefits everyone – then we need to empower more women. We need to give them a voice and a platform to make their mark on the world. And we need to do it now! A woman’s empowerment is not only good for the individual, but it also helps create tremendous change within families and communities! This has been proven by studies that show that businesses with at least one female executive on staff tend to do better than those without; however, there still seems like a shortage when you look around town or down your street – even if we’re talking about just small business owners here. To combat this trend (and maybe help inspire some other industries, too), below are examples of women who have broken barriers in their field to create change and empower other women.

1) Oprah Winfrey: In addition to being one of the most successful talk show hosts of all time, Oprah is also a philanthropist, actress, and producer. She has used her platform to shed light on important issues facing women today, such as equal pay and sexual harassment. Oprah has also advocated for education, supporting various initiatives that provide resources for girls and young women.

2) Malala Yousafzai: At only 17 years old, Malala has become one of the most prominent voices in the fight for girls’ education. After surviving a Taliban attack that left her seriously injured, Malala has continued to speak out about the importance of education for all girls. She has also started her foundation, the Malala Fund, which works to empower girls through education.

3) Sheryl Sandberg: As the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most powerful women in the tech industry. She has been an outspoken advocate for gender equality in the workplace and has written extensively on the topic. In addition to her work at Facebook, Sheryl is also the founder of, a non-profit that works to empower women and close the gender gap.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, women have many advantages over men. Women are often more collaborative and communicative, leading to better team dynamics and successful businesses. In addition, women are often better at multitasking and networking, which are essential for any business.

Moreover, women entrepreneurs are often more creative and intuitive than their male counterparts. This can lead to innovative businesses with unique products or services. Plus, research shows that female-owned firms are more likely to succeed in the long run.

All these qualities are essential for business success. And yet, despite women’s many advantages as entrepreneurs, they continue to be underrepresented in the business world. There are several reasons for this disparity. Women often face more significant obstacles when starting and growing their businesses. They may lack access to capital or networking opportunities and be more vulnerable to discrimination and sexual harassment. Additionally, women can struggle with self-confidence and taking risks.

The “glass ceiling” is a significant obstacle in the business world that prevents women from advancing to senior positions in companies. The “motherhood penalty” also penalizes women for taking time off to have children. And the lack of affordable childcare makes it difficult for mothers to balance work and family responsibilities. In addition, there is a general bias against women in the business world, including the notion that women are not as capable as men. Fortunately, there are things we can do to address these issues. We must provide more opportunities for women to develop their skills and advance their careers. We also need to make it easier for mothers to juggle work and family responsibilities. And we need to create a more inclusive workplace where everyone is treated equally regardless of gender. We can overcome these barriers and empower women in the business world with concerted effort.

Despite these challenges, a growing number of successful women entrepreneurs are changing the face of business.

Women have always been a vital part of our society, but now they are stepping up and taking their rightful place at the forefront. We are seeing more women in powerful positions than ever before, and this positively impacts our communities and our world as a whole.

The strength of women is evident in all aspects of life. From business to politics to education, women are making their mark and proving that they can be just as successful as men. This is an exciting time for women everywhere, and we can look forward to even more outstanding achievements in the years ahead.

So, if you’re a woman thinking about starting a business, don’t be discouraged by the challenges you may face. Instead, use your unique advantages to your advantage, and don’t let anything stand in your way.

Text and image source: Global Banking and Finance

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