The Author


Just after celebrating her 39th birthday, Donia Youssef received the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer which had spread to her Lymph nodes. With only a 40% chance of survival, Donia faced the prospect of having to tell her children (aged just two and five) that she was sick and could possibly die. 

Instead of shutting down, Donia decided to step up to the challenge and play to her strengths, lead her life with a renewed purpose and inspire others to overcome traumatic news, helping families suffering from serious illnesses. 

After undergoing treatment, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy she is thankfully in full remission. Her experience has given her a powerful new drive to not only live her life to the fullest but to use this precious time to help children suffering from cancer.

Donia plans to use The Monster In Mummy as a platform from which she can help children with cancer to become published authors and to help raise funds for the charities which supported her and her family.

Donia is also the founder of Tiny Angels Ltd - a renowned modelling and acting agency for children.


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After I released my first book I became more and more involved with different cancer charities and organisations. Other cancer survivors would contact me to share their own stories and experiences. I realised there is so much we, as a society, are not aware of, especially when it comes to what cancer survivors go through. Their stories are so powerful and yet we hardly hear from patients. Why is that? I am so humble and proud to be able to bring you these stories and help raise awareness that behind every cancer diagnostic is a real person.



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